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Updates for June, 2020


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Continuous Integration

CI has been added to materialdecoration and the build issues caused by qtwayland are fixed nowadays, meaning that the package now builds again.

OSTree tools

ostree-image-creator and ostree-upload were rewritten with Go, which is way easier to develop with compared to Rust.

For this kind of applications, Rust didn’t give any advantage at all.

ostree-image-creator was also redesigned: it’s now a tool that builds any kind of image you want from a declarative recipe.

image-manager now shares code with ostree-image-creator and ostree-upload, for instance all the code to parse JSON and token authentication, and the client was rewritten in Go.

Here you can take a look at Liri OS live image recipe.

OSTree repositories

OSTree configuration was revamped and the repository is now GPG signed. Every night a GitHub workflow builds and uploads the repository.