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Liri OS 0.9.0


Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Liri OS 0.9.0.

This is the first official release, the culmination of the merge between Hawaii and Papyros.

No official image is available for this release, please use nightly images.

Linux distributions that used to package Hawaii and/or Papyros should follow this guide on how to package the new desktop.


A Wayland compositor written with QML that delivers smooth animations and an easy to use UX. It is the continuation of hawaii-shell with some elements backported from papyros-shell.


  • Material Design decorations for Qt applications
  • Supports wl_shell and xdg_shell_v5 Wayland protocols
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Multimedia keys to control volume and players are supported
  • MPRIS support
  • Notifications support
  • Devices list
  • Batteries information
  • Wired and wireless networks controls with NetworkManager
  • PulseAudio volume control
  • Automatically run autostart programs at boot
  • Frequently used applications list

Link to the repository


This module contains base applications and settings. It is the continuation of hawaii-workspace under the Liri brand.


  • Qt platform theme plugin
  • Screenshot application
  • Screencaster CLI application
  • menu definition

Link to the repository


Settings allows you to adjust system settings

It is the result of the merge between hawaii-system-preferences and papyros-settings.


  • Redesigned UI of the application
  • Improved UI design of the keyboard module
  • Initial implementation of the UI for appearance, power, sound
  • Details module
  • Initial users module (read only at the moment)

Link to the repository



  • Material Design wallpapers
  • Saint-RaphaĆ«l wallpapers

Link to the repository


This module contains themes for a unified look and feel from boot to login.


  • GRUB theme
  • Plymouth theme
  • SDDM theme

Link to the repository


You can download the source tarball from GitHub:

  • liri-shell: SHA256 checksum 09ad65078beedca1119297f15c4dc7d392fb9cbdf92338aea457dfffd636f339
  • liri-workspace: SHA256 checksum 29352f0f0dba643fa06c7bac3c945b7eaacc071046f84d5a3933a3181494d22b
  • liri-settings: SHA256 checksum 9204c9f77643d1ae46bd8e7cfddb3c223f4fa19a932054f065f93b6088aed16f
  • liri-wallpapers: SHA256 checksum 98112d8febfe1aaf115285a061d4450c13bd7a1197b9539ac04437637745604c
  • liri-themes: SHA256 checksum 59ebc01231ebf955fd847db925fca1c557273da126087af2dfe09013321a54b5